Raf is an adolescent angel who arrives for the first time to earth to attend to the Golden School. She’s part of the group of four angels, and four devils sent to earth to a hidden area of the Golden School to become Guardian Angels or Devils. They have to help humans making them choose between the right and wrong way in life. They do this in pairs, fighting through challenges.

Sulfus, one of the devils, and Raf fall in love. This go against the natural order of angels and devils being enemies, and leads to the appearance of Reina, known as the “neutral one” imprisoned in the Limbo, who wants to get free. She sees Raf and Sulfus love as an opportunity to break the balance of their world committing a sacrilege that will break her chains.

Angels and Devils will have to work together to defeat Reina and save the earth, and their world.

Angel’s Friends is a series produced and distributed by Mondo TV. All rights of the original series belongs to Mondo TV. Exercise of redesign and explorations by Luna Vargas.